Multifunctional Utilities

Registry Workshop

Professional registry editor with advanced functionality. Excellent replacement for standard Windows tools for working with the registry - RegEdit and RegEdt32...
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RegClean Pro

SysTweak RegClean Pro a Program to fix your slow PC, eliminate registry errors and improve computer performance. Program for cleaning the registry should be...
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Absolute StartUp manager

Startup Manager allows you to create, edit, and delete programs and files in the startup registry, win.ini, manage services and system libraries. It allows you...
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ETA program for the internal settings of any windows
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GameHike - a utility that optimizes your computer and increases performance in games. Automatically adjusts settings and changes based on the operating system...
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SSC Service Ulility - a program to reset chips printer company Epson. All the models.

Program to reset the chips in printers Epson all models of the company. It works with virtually all new models of printers. You also have the possibility to...
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Desktop tools - ruler and protractor

Desk tools - a program that will provide you with a ruler and a protractor (protractor). With these instrumentvo you can measure the distance in centimeters...
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WinForce-makes it easy to clean up the system performance and speed up your Windows.

A small tool to help you easily bring order to the system. Displays all currently running applications and drivers (Great help in calculating the Trojans and...
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File utіlіta (robots іz Vilik kіlkіstyu faylіv)

File utіlіta - Tse yak programka vikonuє regіstratsіyu your Windows 95-ME, NT, 2k, XP i vikonuє rіznogo old opretsії іz files. Napriklad you neobhіdno zamіniti...
MAXSOFT 0 Premium Premium offers the most comprehensive set of tools in the lineup, designed for optimizing, accelerating, and customizing the MS...
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FILE FORMAT virtual CD (copied from the original CD)

Multifunction Timer.

Leaving the house without turning off the computer, because it wobbles or archived file is very necessary Or while watching a movie go to sleep, and the...
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Photocopier-turns a bunch of computer-scanner-printer in the copier.

One often at home produce copies of the documents, often it spent a solid amount of time and nerves. Photocopier program turns a bunch of computer...
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Avant Browser-best alternative to Internet Explorer.

One of the most interesting novelties among the various versions Internet Explorer. It works much smarter than his elder brother does not brake when loading...
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Simply irreplaceable program. Super! You just can not imagine that this program can do. And she knows how to do everything. Just it should be taught. Using a...
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Hotkey Control-allows you to assign any keyboard shortcuts for various events.

The use of certain key combinations instead of digging in many great menu can facilitate your work (by the way, full list of all standard combinations you...
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The program is easy to use. ToolWinXP program uses three prametra to customize (a little bit, but I opted for the best): 1. Disable startup from the CD-ROM...
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WinClip-indefinitely extends the standard Clipboard.

Very useful extension to the standard clipboard. As it is known, buffer can store only one object, but with the help of the program You can copy multiple...
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The program for the adjustment drives

The program is very easy to configure drives
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Ccleaner PROFESSIONAL: License Key for a Year✅ Ccleaner PROFESSIONAL is a useful and reliable...
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CD Remover-save valuable disk stuck in the defunct drive.

13 kilobytes, which may, in due time, save valuable disk stuck deceased in the drive. The program will help owners and cheap drives which do not respond well...
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Autofill profiles, shapes

Very useful program for automatic filling of forms, shapes
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