Tests & Drivers

The program determines which processor is installed on the computer CPU-Z

A small program that determines which processor is installed on the computer on which frequency it operates, the type of cache, and the like characteristics of...

Computer software Monitor Test

The program for testing monitor and identify its defects.
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The program for complex testing of your hard drive

Generally cool prog - will not find :)
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adjustment wizard 2 Epson Stylus Pro4400-4800

Extended service utility to Plotters family Epson Stylus Pro 4400-4800, as well as the Epson Stylus Pro 4880. It is used to reset the different counters...
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Repair of printers and MFPs

Все о ремонте принтеров и МФУ.Тех.документация,чертежи,пособия,отзывы,советы и т.д.
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Bluetooth (TM307)

Bluetooth ( TM307) - драйвер для ПК
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AutoUpdate DIRECT X with Nat

AutoUpdate DIRECT X with Nat
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The install CD with drivers from the Canon MP280

The image of the original disc that came with the printer Canon Pixma MP280. The file extension (.mdf). Save the image as you can with the help of Alcohol 120...
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Automatic installation of drivers Lenovo A316i

Automatic installation of drivers for Lenovo A316i. You download the file, you burn on a disk. Everything, use on health!
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Driver MC35i GPRS modem

After payment, you will be provided with a link for downloading the GSM-modem driver for the Siemens MC35i Terminal. A set of standardized interfaces makes it...
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ICT Coin Acceptor Driver

The SCA1 ICT SCA1 transmitter with the CCTalk protocol: 16 channels at a time Anti-Fishing function High accuracy of detection up to 96% High reception speed...
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Microcoin SP coin acceptor driver

Features of the Microcoin SP coin collector: Universal protocols and connection types. Supports the protocols ccTalk, Parrarell, RS232.Update the firmware of...
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TouchTouch Driver MasterTouch

SAWS-touch screens MasterTouch have already passed the test of time and have proven themselves as one of the best touchscreens in relation to price to quality...
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Watchdog Timer Drivers

The driver´s watchdog timer and software for watchdog timers used in self-service terminals.
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if someone has a problem, what happens is the mega hash of the main video card drops during mining that hangs on the monitor (during work or other actions)...

🔑Avast Driver Updater 2 Year 1 Device - GLOBAL LICENSE

Avast Driver Updater is a software tool that automatically updates outdated or missing drivers on a computer. Its features include a database of over 500,000...
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✅🔑DriverMax Pro 15 (for Windows ) 1 year license

WARNING For correct work of the program (driver updates) it is necessary to use VPN or proxy with IP-address from Germany. If you have doubts that you can not...
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AVG Driver Updater 1 YEAR

✅ AVG Driver Updater FOR 1 YEAR, ✅ You receive a license key: KEY AVG Driver Updater checks for the latest graphics card drivers in real time to ensure...
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DriverMax 16 KEY 1 YEAR

✅ DriverMax FOR 1 YEAR, ✅ You receive a license key: KEY DriverMax is an easy-to-use program for automatically searching and updating hardware drivers, as well...
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✅ DriverMax 16 Pro ✅|🔑 1 Year Registration Code 🔑

🖥️ Keep your computer up-to-date, powerful and stable with DriverMax 16🖥️ Software Function 🛠️ Automated installs, scheduled scans, and full device driver...
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