Coursework Cybercrime Information

Term of criminal law. Contents: Introduction 2 Information and crime 3 General characteristics of crimes in the sphere of computer information. 6 Concepts...
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Course work - Programming in assembly language

Assignment Develop a program in assembly language that implements the encryption algorithm Khufu. The program must be able to encrypt and decrypt the file...
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Course project - Formation of image of the organization

Introduction 1. Image and its main elements 1.1. Nature of image 1.2 Objects of image formation 1.3 The main stages of the formation of image of the...
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Course project in mechanical engineering: Process technology manufacturing parts Housing (Stub)

Course project in mechanical engineering: "Process technology manufacturing parts" spigot " Developed technical process of manufacturing parts...
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курсовая по экономике на тему"оценка эффективности инвестиций."

состоит из 13 страниц(таблицы-9шт., расчеты) 3 источника информации
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The course on "Investment crisis in Russia: causes, characteristics and the basic ways of overcoming"

30stranits surrendered in "Perm State Agricultural Academy Academician D.N.Pryanishnikova "score excellent written yourself
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Course project on architecture

Residential 9-storey house with an attached kindergarten building a primary school in Moscow. It includes explanatory note and drawings in AutoCAD: foundation...
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Курсовая работа:«Гребные электрические установки»

1 Выбор основных параметров главных элементов ГЭУ 1.1 Расчет буксировочной мощности 1.2 Выбор гребного винта 1.3 Проверка винта на отсутствие кавитации 1.4...
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Course work: the discipline Databases. Subject: Administration of MS SQL Server 2000.

TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1. ADMINISTRATION 1.1 The operation of SQL Server 2000 1.2 Configuring SQL Server 2000 1.2.1 Configuring the service...
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Essays: Computer networks and telecommunications. Topic: Web-technologies, languages \u200b\u200band tools for creating Web

TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1. MODERN WEB-TECHNOLOGIES 1.1 HTTP protocol 1.2 URL, Web-servers and Web-browsers 1.3 Hypertext Markup Language HTML 1.4...
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Coursework (Civil Law)

Finished course work on the subject: Civil Law. Subject course: The content of civil legal relationship. In the course of 45 pages. The content of the...
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Coursework (Labor Law)

Finished course work on the subject: Labour Law. Subject course: Labour relations as the subject of labor law. The course is written in accordance with the...
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Information technology - Overview of programming languages \u200b\u200bdatabase

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Database University lecturer Examination

Database "university teachers" shall keep the following information: Name of the teacher. The name of the teacher. Middle teacher. The name of a...
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Detection, fixation and removal of the material traces of the crime

Contents Введение2 1. Detection of material substances. 1.1 Detection of material substances relevant for disclosure преступления3 1.2 Equity search...
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Management. Summary on "internal and external environment of the organization"

The course "Management" Lecture notes "internal and external environment of the organization" Volume 2 page format doc
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The capital market, its subjects and objects. Formation of the capital market in Russia

Course work in economic theory Subject: Capital market, its subjects and objects. Formation of the capital market in Russia Work commissioned in 2008 to...
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Term Planning and Forecasting

Курсовая работа по Планированию и прогнозированию. Сдавалась в Самарском Государственном Экономическом Университете (СГЭА). На доработку не возвращалась...
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Trailer dynamic calculation of MAZ-5432

Trailer dynamic calculation of MAZ-5432 includes: 1. Initial data for the towing vehicle dynamic analysis 2. Determination of the mass of the vehicle 3...
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The credit system: the role of the Central Bank and commercial banks

Coursework By discipline: Economic Theory TOPIC: CREDIT SYSTEM: the place and role in it CENTRAL BANK AND COMMERCIAL BANKS 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS...
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ESP DRIVE Chain conveyors

PP + drawing in autocad Initial data: Traction force F, 3.4 kN Chain speed V, m / s 0.95 Number of teeth z 8 stars Chain pitch t, \u200b\u200b250 mm The...
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Fixed capital - economic theory

Course work in economic theory Subject: fixed and circulating capital TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 2 1. FIXED ASSETS 4 1.1 Classification of fixed...
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