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The object of Cascade is to maximize your score by forming multiple "cascades" with one die. A cascade is a ´4 of a kind´ or...
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More than 1000 additional levels to the legendary game Supaplex.

More than 1000 additional levels to the legendary game Supaplex. 15 clusters of 111 levels each. Only new solutions.
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Popular game is Register

Registration code of the game for adults, on the strip, "Chtrip-Minesweeper." Download the game from the site http://ook.by.ru/
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Balda 2000! Popular game now on Windows

Balda 2000! Popular game now on Windows! Nice interface. The game is in two languages: ENGLISH and RUSSIAN. 6 difficulty levels. == This product is from...
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Lines 99 (Lines 99)! Popular game now on Windows

Lines 99! Popular game now on Windows! English interface. You can save and load games, change sounds. Just nice. == This product is from the archives...
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DigitsKiller (HardKey + Software Activation Service)

Game. Very interesting. Just a killer Tetris :)
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Detonator from GCT Interactive

Puzzle with colored balls, which when combined three odinotsvetnyh disappears. The player needs as much as possible so -vzryvat- bolshii. A very attractive...
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develops mathematical abilities
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Game Catch Shorka

Занимательная игра стоит попробовать
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Puzzle game combines the Tetris and Lines. Your task is to perform the tasks issued by the computer. The number of jobs is huge, and their complexity increases...
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We think it makes no sense to talk about the principle of the game, know it all - in order to arrange the cubes with numbers. What are the opportunities in...
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Battleship 1.5

The classic game of Battleship, familiar to all from school. What are the opportunities in this program: - Easy and intuitive interface, which minimizes the...
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Logic game "cubes" on the Flash MX.

Логическая, развивающая пространственное воображение, игра "КУБИКИ". Написана полностью на Action Script.

Sea fight

Battleships for Windows. A single-user version. It consists of a single executable file. By appointment and simplicity similar to Solitaire and sapper. It...


Hangman game. Familiar to all from childhood game gained new life thanks to the developers of the company Soft technologies. Game rules are very simple: first...
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Dominoes, Solitaire 2.0

Three prison Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire Dubok.Smysl - to remove all the bones from the table. The bones are removed in pairs, when their sum is 12. If the...
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Логическая игра Shanghai Dynasty, поможет убить все свободное время

В игре есть два уровня сложности. Правила игры: Попарно уберите все кубики с одинаковыми рисунками и символами.
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Colorful exciting 3D puzzle-style comics for children and adults of all ages.

Two Flash puzzle with the main character of the website "Amazonia - the planet of slaves." Details on the website.
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A puzzle game

Puzzle on the field in black and white checkered.
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Новая вариация простой вариации головоломки на черно-белом поле... Тут придётся постараться

Головоломка изменена так, что стандартный алгоритм решения теряет всякий смысл :
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