program for RFOnline

the program breaks down the movement speed and attack speed attack power at your discretion as to program a lot of different nonsense such change nickname in...
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World Of Warcraft-Profession Guides 1-300

Profession Guides 1-300, guide profession in the world of World Of Warcraft 100% legal, it is the fastest way to bleed the profession in the world of World Of...
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L2PHX version C4, INTERLUDE, Gracia

L2PHX only working on PHX C4, INTERLUDE, Gracia.
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Boat for online game Fight Club

Boat absolutely does not require you to intervene after the setting up and running. You can safely go about their business, while the bot will fill you with...
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WoW FishBOT 2.0.7 + Russian Manual (Setup)

Straight from the tin boat for WWII with detailed configuration in Russian.
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Unofficial FAQ by TES 3

Unofficial FAQ by TES 3
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How to create your server CALL of DUTY4 (step by step)

It has everything to create your own server! Detailed step by step instructions !, a program for monitoring servers (in Russian) !, Rcon-commands to control...
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Boat for roll top sailors in NavyFIELD

Boat for roll sailors NavyFIELD. Filters at sailors roll the following categories: 1) Accuracy of-Charge (12,10+) 2) Repair, Restoration (12,10+) 3) The...
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Granado Espada 3.5.14 pv off running around the boat (from 16.12.09g)

Bega bot version 3.5.14 - Updated on 16.12.2009. Auto attack, Avtolut, avtovyzov sumonov, AutoCAD, AVTOBANK. A detailed description of setting up and running...
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Routes for BIMSbot-a, farm ore and herbs (Cataclysm)

Routes for farming ore and herbs for BIMSbot-a. Routes for the new locations provided in the expansion Cataclysm. Contains the following 11 routes, optimized...
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Fishing WoW - Fishing Boat v3.2.1 RUS

NEW Small does not require any special configuration for fishing boat. easy to handle. It works on ofe. BOTA NOT POSSIBLE slept on the official server, runs...
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Routes for the BIMS BOT "Mists of Pandaria"

Do not spend time creating their own routes it for you for a long time already. Brand new routes for the collection of "ORE" and "Herbs" c...
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Trader - Aion bot for buying cheap goods at auction

Boat for analyzing proposals for the auction and buy at a reasonable price. Also helps to intercept objects laid out at markedly lower price. For example, I...
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KeySlone - MultiBox: WoW, EQ, etc. Play immediately after the 5x

A unique program that allows you to play multiple applications simultaneously on the basis of a repeater. Do you want to pass and Instances HEROIC solo? Then...
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Lazy Bot 3.2.3 Mining / Mining profiles

Configured profiles (profiles) for the Islands bot Lazy Bot 3.2.3 for pumping Mining 1-525 (both Alliance and Horde). Also included are profiles Pharma actual...
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2700 emblems of clans and alliances to Lineage 2

- Over 2,700 posters "clan" and "Alliance" for the game Lineage 2 - The format of the icons: * .bmp (256 colors), size: 16 * 16
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Fishing Boat

New boat angler for World of Warcraft, working in all the official Russian servers, not banitsya is stable.
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Boat for

At the moment, the possibilities are: - Set up a Boat, but will work on other servers who invariably Encryption game server (or change it is...
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On SpeedHack Wow 2.4.3

I offer absolute operating SpeedHack version Wow 2.4.3 Key features: -The spidhak (Super Speed) -flayhak (fly) s many other features
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bot NavyFIELD

Boat for roll sailors NavyFIELD. Filters sailors with basic characteristic 12. Additional information in the archive. For normal operation requires bot that...
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Fresh Bugs in Lineage Kamael + Hellbound + Gracia.

This archive contains bugs for the game Lineage 2. Bugs work on any version of Lineage 2. Bugs in Lineage Kamael + Hellbound + Gracia or how to become a very...
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Game of Perfect World in two or more windows

Many people face the problem of the transmission of values \u200b\u200bfrom one to another of your character or for the convenience of one character and the...
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Game Accounts