Spanish. Teach.

Teach Yourself Spanish. (Page 66). 2. The publication deepened and systematized understanding of the main provisions of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and...

Declaration of love in more than 100 languages

This is the best way to impress his girlfriend
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Sexological DICTIONARY

Introduction to the dictionary, you can read on the page: http://kaspeed.narod.ru/sexology.html All HTML-files representing sexological dictionary archived...
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Financial terms

The beginning and the end of the dictionary you can find on page: http://kaspeed.narod.ru/finance.html HTML-dictionary file archived file: finance.rar (250...
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Het Monster. Glossary of astrological terms.

Het Monster. Glossary of astrological terms.
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Sweet words for women (many words)

A kind word for women (many words)
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Russian-Roma dictionary and Gypsy-Russian

The dictionary contains over 2000 words
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Password for the archive, which Morphological Dictionary

Password file (file) MorthDictAll1.rar. The archive is a morphological dictionary of the Russian language (in other words, dictionary of word forms) in the...
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Frequency Dictionary of the Russian language from 32617 words

Frequency Russian dictionary contains 32,617 words (tokens) and presented in an understandable and usable format MS Access (extension .mdb). And this...
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Glossary Dictionary of Philosophy

Compiled Dictionary - Glossary of philosophy, convenient menu, sorting terms spelled, pleasant navigation. And most importantly the lack of grammatical errors...
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Hebrew dictionary Russian small at 11,000 words.

Dictionary Russian Hebrew. Contains over 11,000 most frequently used words in everyday life. Hebrew words with vowels, indicating the kind. Various...
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"TV reporter´s professional language"

Dictionary of professional terms. This dictionary contains the terms used by correspondents, presenters, editors, cameramen and everyone else who is involved...
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Chinese-Russian vocabulary for business, trade, oil&gas

The e-file contains Chinese-English vocabulary (1000 words) for the following business areas: 1. Petrochemical and gas chemical. 2. Process technologies. 3...
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Chinese characters in flashcards (tutorial)

Learning Chinese with flashcards has several benefits: Memory Efficiency: Flashcards help to learn new words and expressions, since repeating them at different...
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Flashcards for learning English

Three sets of cards for learning English: Conversational set - Suitable for beginner level Elementary 240 cards (40 introductory phrases) - The set is based on...
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