Foreign Languages

The most effective method for the development of memory

This technique will help you to quickly learn a foreign language, at once remember any poem, a story, a set of numbers, words, and so forth. + Free book...
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4000 useful words and expressions page 58

QUICK GUIDE INTERPRETER international affairs (English yazyn)
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Learn any language 10 times more effectively with ChatG

This guide will teach you: - Connect to ChatGPT and other LLMs quickly and seamlessly; - understand the logic of LLM functioning; - it is productive to use LLM...
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Learn a foreign language? Easy !!! SECRETS HERE

How to learn a foreign language? What methods are used? What to do if there is no desire, ability, lacking memory and attention? A unique opportunity to get...
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Japanese alphabet

From the author: yaponista should know beglopis or poluskoropis. It is in the letters and postcards in the papers and addresses, and the inscriptions on the...
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Pole Card Exam (questions and answers)

he republic is the translation of the word republic. So, from the moment when democracy was formed, the noble one called the Kingdom of Poland. And after the...
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Russian-Polish Phrase Book

The phrasebook includes the most used words and phrases on all topics relevant to tourists. The publication is intended for those who want to master the spoken...
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Methods of accelerated learning any foreign language

Чтобы выучить язык, надо знать не только принцип, но и подробную технологию применения его. Изложение самого принципа займет всего несколько строчек, вся...
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Finnish on flashcards. Finnish flashcards

“How to learn a lot of new words?”, “How to begin to understand and speak a new language? These are the questions everyone asks themselves. learning a new...
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Korean language. The initial course. Textbook. Kim N.

Учебное методическое пособие для изучения корейского языка. Начальный курс. 99 стр.
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Korean alphabet handwriting

Korean alphabet handwriting practice worksheets. Learn how to write Korean alphabet letters. Korean alphabet practice workbook for beginners.
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