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configuration file Counter-Strike 1.6

The configuration file contains a set of commands to configure the shooting, stabilize and optimize FPS gameplay with a detailed description of the...
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zip archive purchase test

zip archive purchase test
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The form of the passport on the Minsk transformers

A blank passport on power transformers Minsk plant named after Kozlov. The archive will form detailed instructions for completing and printing.
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Task 1.3

1.3. A solution of 100 kg containing in % (wt.): 10,0 - KCl; 36,5 - and 53.5 NH4Cl - H2O. Solution density 1250 kg/m3. To Express the composition of the...
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Tasks on hydraulics miscellaneous 3

To determine the pressure difference across the free surface in two adjacent tanks filled with water if their content and level difference in a mercury...
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Tasks on hydraulics miscellaneous 7

With known diameters and the geometric pressure of expiration H = 2 m, determine the excess pressure in the tank P0, which will be provided water consumption...
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Tasks on hydraulics miscellaneous 9

For tubing having a constriction, the water flows with flow rate Q (Fig. 3.16). To determine the diameter d2 should have the narrow part of the duct to provide...
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Test purchase

ATTENTION! This is a test purchase! </ Attention> If you are going to buy a product for the first time, it will help you understand how to receive the...
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Config CS 1.6 by Moscow-G´s | Alex

Always current configuration of Moscow-G´s | Alex with the latest changes only in the group Moscow Gangsters and in the online store Moscow Gangsters...
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surface en

surface desc en
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Administrator rights on the CSS Fobia game server

You buy a key to activate administrator rights on the game server counter strike source CSSFobia.
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Loyal friend of the little mermaid Ariel in gif format
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ADB AppControl Extended

This activation key is only for RUssian region A new and handy PC program that will allow you to easily manage applications on your android device using your...
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Extra payment for goods

Enter the required amount MANUALLY, pay and write in "Chat with the seller"
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Order №109287

Order №109287 983729993478 399840505483 948876950903
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Test product for Lava

Test product for GameMoney
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Probability calculation by R. Fell methodology

The Excel file implements the application of the R. Fell technique, which allows you to estimate the average annual failure rates of soil hydraulic structures...
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