Scripts 30 UNIQUE RUSSIAN message boards on any

Set scripts is a collection of boards ads and databases on almost all occasions, namely: - Auto - market - Jokes - Business partnership - Labor exchange - DB...

Guestbook script WR-Guest v. 2.2 [December 2018]

The guest book of this version contains several useful features to protect against spammers, flooders and other "bad people." The ability to moderate...
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Forum script on php WR-Forum-v-2.2.2. on febr 2019 y.

WR-Forum. Full version. Build date specified in the title. The price of the script is to help to set up or installation script. :: Features :: - Availability...
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HelloMe module with integration AlphaUserPoints

HelloMe module for JomSocial component with integrated user points AlphaUserPoints.
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Image Grabber picture grabber parser for your website

Image Grabber Designed for parsing pages with pictures, and then copy the selected images to the specified directory. Image formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp...
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Improved PHP Script sharing

Improved PHP file sharing script FileExchange v2.x is designed for free hosting of files on the site. In this version, the file exchange script, the...
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Batch loading of goods from exel for i-soft bizness

Module batch download products from Exel. Given that many organizations keep their products in exel-format, this module can be very useful to Arsenal...
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PHP module auto-parts store (TecDoc)

The current version is 3.1 PHP module for the sale of spare parts (database connection "TecDoc", TekDok) on its online store (encoded in utf8). Will...
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Sending messages from the site by email

Контактная форма с reCaptcha. Удобная в настройке. Можно качу отключить. Капча используется для защиты от спама. Для работы данной формы обратной связи нужен...
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Receipt of lading 12 TCPDF

Receipt of lading 12 TCPDF very good quality. Implemented add the desired count of pages with the transfer cap names + VAT payment and without arrays + count...
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Avtosborschik RSS-news (for the script i-soft bizness)

The module allows you to import news into the catalog from rss-tapes. Given that all rss-tapes are made according to the standard, the number of tapes for...
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The parser

The script checks for all products from a file price.csv on their presence in the sale, as well as display all options (color, size and so on.), Dividing them...
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Script Services Search Details EMEX.RU (FindDetailAdv4)

Script cost components using Web services EMEX.RU. Powered by a NEW method FindDetailAdv4. Description is available on the official website...
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PHP script to send emails with attachments (files)

PHP script to send emails with attachments (files)
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Lotto script written in php. Example site
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Скрипт автоматических ставок на БК Марафон

Скрипт представляет полностью автоматизированное ПО для выполнения ставок в БК Марафон на баскетбол, а именно Четные или Нечетные исходы текущей четверти. В...
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Log in under the administrator login and password without CMS Bitrix

This script allows you to log in as administrator on any site running CMS bitrix. TO useful? 1 - This script will be useful for web developers, if the...
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Output images (pictures) from the folder. PHP script

Four completely finished script in PHP, which you just need to add to your page. Due to the description, scripts are simple, easy and understandable. - 1st...
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Record the number of words, letters, words. Script for

Turnkey script for converting numbers to text. The script is written in PHP. The script allows you to write a number of words. The number of digits will be...
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Adding text to a picture on the site in PHP

Adding text to a picture on the site in PHP
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Electronic Journal PHP

This journal for college and university allows to establish control over the process of study the student. Present admin panel. Each teacher is assigned to...
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Content parser for WordPress

The script automatically parses and adds a post to the specified category. To work need only two parameters: Link to post on any website ID category in which...
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Game Accounts