Binaural Beats

Audio cord stimulator against headache

audio cord stimulator against headache
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cheer up rhythms

rhythms to lift your mood
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multiple orgasms - audio stimulator

you will experience the feeling of the highest pleasure! takes you into the deepest places of space, where there is a reality you have an orgasm is not such a...
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Audiosessiya "Link to Learn"

Аудиосессия "Тяга к учебе" В процессе обучения активность клеток головного мозга стимулирует образование новых нейронных связей. Таким образом...
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Audiosessiya "Link to the sport"

Audiosessiya "Link to the sport" According to statistics, 62% of the population of Russia are not inclined to sports. Russians prefer to spend their...
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Audiosessiya "The feeling of inner freedom"

Audiosessiya "The feeling of inner freedom" Happiness, inner peace, a desire to live in peace and love All this can not exist if a person has no...
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Audiosessiya "insomnia"

Audiosessiya "insomnia" Insomnia? You do not remember what it means to go to bed on time? Do not sleep at night and fall asleep on the job? As a...
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Audiosessiya "Photosynthesis"

Audiosessiya Photosynthesis Photosynthesis hypnotic session is designed for residents of large cities. People are hard to resist the influence of the...
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Audiosessiya "My Reality"

Audiosessiya "My Reality" Who runs your world? Who creates your reality? Have you ever thought about this? Hypnotic session, "My Reality"...
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Audiosessiya "Quit Smoking"

Audiosessiya "Quit Smoking" Overcome addiction, experience the freedom from cigarettes, and your health will gradually return to the previous level...
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Audiosessiya "Access to Knowledge"

Audiosessiya "Access to knowledge" With audiosessiey "Access to knowledge" you will be able to get the key to your personal library of...
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Audiosessiya "Weight Control"

Audiosessiya "Weight Control" Get control over your appetite with audiosessiey "Weight control". This is the easiest way to control your...
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Аудиосессия «Почувствуй себя сильным»

Аудиосессия "Почувствуй себя сильным" Чувство слабости является непреодолимым препятствием на пути к цели. Мы разработали эту аудиосессию для тех...
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Audiosessiya "Feel happy"

Audiosessiya "Feel happy" What is happiness? Happiness - is an emotion that occurs in the human brain. We have developed audiosessiyu that affects...
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Audiosessiya "From fears and phobias"

Audiosessiya "From fears and phobias" You probably know the feeling of fear. It may be due to different factors. For example, fear of heights, fear...
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Audiosessiya "Development of intelligence"

Audiosessiya "Development of intelligence" This audiosessiya created using brainwave impact that stimulates the development of synapses and neural...
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Audiosessiya "Relax (version for men)"

Аудиосессия "Релакс (версия для мужчин)" Данная версия аудиосессии "Релакс" разработана в соответствии с особенностями строения мужской...
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Audiosessiya "Relax"

Audiosessiya "Relax" Feel free from physical and emotional stress. Audiosessiya "Relax" will help you think clearly, to cope with stress...
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Audiosessiya "cold-blooded soldier"

Audiosessiya "cold-blooded soldier" Audiosessiya "cold-blooded soldier" will help you develop the qualities of real men only. We do not...
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Audiosessiya "Confidence"

Audiosessiya "Confidence" The feeling of insecurity is familiar to many. It is always difficult to draw what you want, forcing to be led by other...
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Audiosessiya "no past"

Audiosessiya "no past" In our practice, often there are cases when a person is trying to escape from the consequences of the problem, not osoznovaya...
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Audiosessiya "Success in business"

Audiosessiya "Success in business" We constantly receive letters from our customers individually to develop a hypnotic session with a view to...
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