Andrei Nekrasov. Marine boots.

The book includes two collections of short stories of the famous writer Andrei Nekrasov (author of the children´s story "The Adventures of Captain...
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Maxim Zverev. Behind the scenes of the zoo.

The book by the famous scientist and naturalist writer Maksim Zverev are stories about animals, divided into two cycles. The first cycle ("Behind the...
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Memories of Angels" Volume 1

One day in heaven gathered Guardian Angels, and began to talk and share with each other stories about the lives of people on the ground. One of the angels...
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With the fate of on life arguing

This collection contains a variety of stories, where it is fun, where sad. Stories are taken from life, so the reader can learn in the characters themselves...
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Do not let them in!

I invite you to rethink your life. Watch how the heroine of my modern urban fairy tales changes lives and deals with their problems.
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Unbidden Guest

About life in general. We all exit "Le Manteau" de Gogol. And the author is trying to imitate oldman Homer, Daria Dontsova and Tacitus. How much he...
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Last working day.

Going on a journey for a "treasure with magic", the characters hope to find new sensations and touch an alternative look at the events around. But...
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A wish. Story.

Misha Tynevokatgyrgin Chukchi, but educated! And his wife, Zoya Rultinekekegeut, loves much, all trying to compare her with the girls from the magazines...
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Zaporozhets. Story.

Asymmetric dimethyl hydrozin, nitrogen tetraxide, AK-27, nitric acid, 80% hydrogen peroxide Strategic missile forces, late eighties. Liquid rocket fuel. And...
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In the burning of your dreams

Recently, people began to treat with love, like a toy. This book is about true love, as well as sometimes harsh life. Everyone dreams, but sometimes our dreams...
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Open the right door

The story of how fate may change if ready for testing


Dear Reader! After hard and laborious work, I am pleased to present to your attention my new collection of novels and short stories "Elements", which...
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Amazing Dream

The story "Amazing Dream", a little fantastic, allowing you to believe in miracles. The main character, who gives all the time to work, and therefore...
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Scrapbook Crazy Part One

Notes of a madman looking back
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Scrapbook Crazy Part 2 Another Planet

Essays. Notes of Crazy Part 2 Another Planet.
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Igor Krachkovsky "Kiss, Alice"

She has a very affectionate name - Alice. For a long time, she could not find the place that she could call her home. But, one day, by chance, she decides to...
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The story "Apples" tells about a life situation that happened to a homeless man. His measured and boring life in an instant acquired meaning...
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