Karlstejn Castle (Castle Karlstein) - Model for assembl

Scan paper model of the castle Castle Karlstein
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SAAB JAS39 Gripen. PDF-version. Paper Model

It is proposed to download a set of patterns, designs and installation recommendations, allowing even beginners to print them yourself and collect scrap...
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№12 2010. The armored car armored with 85 mm cannon.

Before your next issue of "BNK Modelist" №12 2010 armored armored car with 85 mm gun. This remarkable machine is in the capable hands of Marines...
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Home workshop. Wooden architecture on the table.

This book is about how to create a home studio wooden architecture on the desk. What's wooden architecture, know almost everything. Hearing the phrase...
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T. Rapp experiments with homemade lasers

The e-book format pdf provides information for independent manufacturing lazerov.Dayutsya scheme makeshift structures: nitrogen laser carbon dioxide laser...
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The ANT-1 airplane (paper model in 1/33 scale)

Paper model of the ANT-1. The scale of the model is 1 to 33. The set includes 1 sheet of cover, 2 sheets of assembly charts and 2 sheets with patterns of...
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