Myths, Epic Literature, Legends

Scandinavian sagas

"At first there was nothing: no earth, no sand, no cold waves. There was only one black abyss Ginnungagap " Do you want to know how the world was...
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Aphorisms of old China.

The collection of aphorisms.
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Myths and epics of the peoples of the world

1. Scandinavian sagas 2. The nine worlds (Scandinavian mythology) 3. LEGENDS AND MYTHS OF ANCIENT GREECE 4. The fight with the Serpent (Slavic myths) 5...
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This Sparta. Without speculation and slander

What we know about Sparta? The ancient state, somewhere in the southern tip of the Balkan. Another - the film "300", or rather two films. Who are the...
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Epic of Drakonberg

The epic of the people of the Virtual State of Drakonberg. Ancient family legends and tales in the literary treatment of the head of state. Stories from the...
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