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Dmitry Veres

Dmitry Veres "RAVEN CROW CREEK III" - the third part of the trilogy, "Black Crow".
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Summary of the novel

Summary of the novel LN Tolstoy's "War and Peace"
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D. Ryapolov. Notes of red partisans.

Art-documentary story of the Civil War participant D. Ryapolova represents his true memories of the guerrilla movement in the Altai. However, the author does...
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Nicholay Dvortsov. The sea beating against the rocks.

In the novel, the famous writer Nikolai Dvortsova Altai tells of the plight of Soviet soldiers, prisoners of war in a Nazi concentration camp in Norway. The...
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Georgy Egorov. The collapse of Rogov.

The historical novel Altai writer G. Egorova devoted Gregory F. Rogov - the leader of the peasant rebel movement in the Altai during the Civil War, the person...
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R.F.Delderfild. Adventures of Ben Gunn

The prehistory of the world-famous novel by RL Stevenson's "Treasure Island". The fate of Flint, Pugh, black dog, and of course John Silver...
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Georgy Egorov. Solon you land! ..

Historical novel GV Yegorov plays with surprising believability event in 1919 in Altai, during the Civil War. The book is written by true facts, and almost all...
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Anatoly Chmyhalo. Deferred shot.

The novel Siberian writer Anatoly Chmyhalo occurs in the first years of Soviet power in the south of the Yenisei Siberia. Opening the event, full of dramatic...
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"In the footsteps of the conquistadors" M.D. Karateev

"In the footsteps of the conquistadors," Mikhail Dmitrievich Karateev is a Russian writer of the last century. Karateev´s essays on Paraguay...
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Mark Yudalevich. Merchants.

Story Altai writer Mark Iosifovich Yudalevicha. Rich, colorful image drawn by the author of the Siberian merchants XIX century becomes meaningful basis for...
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Исторический роман

Как появился этот роман? Спросите Вы? Когда один маленький мальчик, играя в привезённой под строительство из карьера куче щебня, то среди камней, он нашёл...
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Theodosius. Vladimir Kovalevsky. The electronic version, pdf

Автор: Владимир Ковалевский (Том Шервуд). Книга в новой редакции с авторским Манифестом о будущем России. Новые приключения Тома Шервуда. Книга о высокой...
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One Hundred Years of Solitude

"One Hundred Years of Solitude" - a novel of the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, one of the most distinctive and popular works in the...
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Bernard Cornwell. Saxon Chronicles The whole cycle of n

The entire cycle of novels about the times of Saxon rule in England. Fans of history will like it.
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The Chronicles of Cambodia

One can travel in different ways: observe the surroundings comfortably through a car window; or blend into the local people’s life, experiencing and going...
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Back to the USSR with a bunch of bucks-2

Plot: A hero in a strange office in our time, meets with "evil forces" and gets a bag with , but leaving the office gets to another time, during the...
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Georgy Egorov. In the land of the living.

The book is well-known Altai writer Georgi Egorov "On the ground, living" - is an inclusive ostrosotsialnye work. One of its main characters - the...
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Dmitry Veresov

Вересов Дмитрий - "Полет ворона" - вторая книга трилогии "Черный ворон".
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Mark Yudalevich. Admiral hour.

In the novel, the famous writer Mark Altai Yudalevicha recreated times "Kolchak" in Siberia. For decades, Russian Admiral Alexander Kolchak´s...
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Guinan Khairy. Rotate.

Famous writer Khairy Guinan (1903-1938) is considered to be the creator of the first Bashkir novel. His novel "The Turn" covers a complex historical...
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Maxim Zverev. Zaimka in the forest.

The story of the famous writer, animal painter "Zaimka in the forest", tells about the life of Barnaul early XX century. This version of the story...
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