Advice to a beginning hunter

Advice to a beginning hunter (instruction). What you need to take them, who leave home, the convenience of the use of ballistic missiles for this exciting...
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Anthology of world jokes

Just kick-ass book with jokes. WORD format
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Humorous stories

A dozen rzhachnye histories and stories. Html and txt. Buy, do not regret it!
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800 jokes

800 jokes in one file on different topics, which will certainly include You have never read
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Афоризмы, определения, законы Мерфи

Огромное число афоризмов, определений, законов Мерфи, поговорок Хороший способ провести время весело и развлечь гостей, повысить свой интеллектуальный уровень!
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Bad advice

The book contains about a hundred bad advice.
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Leonid Filatov. Lizistrata.

Леонид Филатов. Лизистрата. Народная комедия в двух действиях на темы Аристофана
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Bojan Shiryanov

The novel in short stories about drug addicts, for themselves and all other interested persons.
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Sadistic poems

Daddy Anya leads to kustochku Kpasnenkoy berry treats daughter In stpashnyh and austere child dies Pope writer, he lives studying. The girl walked past the...
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Chronicles of laboratories (or everyday student)

Полная версия хроник лабораторий.Описание будней студенческой жизни,не отвлекаясь на описание бытовых мелочей.Стиль дневника.
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Analects (No trite phrases - there are trite ears)

Collection of most of cool aphorisms on the territory of the Russian Federation - a few thousand!
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Comedy from the life of programmers

Amazing comedy from the life of high technologies in three parts, with morality and system requirements. In short the lives of ordinary programmers and system...
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Large collection afarizmov

Very large (24 pages) collection of the most fun of aphorisms and sayings. After the first two pages of a laugh to colic Here are excerpts: Most experienced...
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Эрик Бэрн. Афоризмы.

Афоризмы знаменикого сексолога
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Jerome K. Jerome. People of the future.

One of the works of the famous D.K.D.
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Евгений Зыков Сорок три Медвежки и Мидвидятина.

Превосходное произведение Евгения Зыкова.
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Why we do not like foreigners

Another immortal work of Jerome K. Jerome.
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Fifty of the best jokes. Part 1.

They say that laughter prolongs life. So, laugh nazdorove!
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UNIQUE collection of anecdotes from M. Kechinova (chm)

A unique collection of anecdotes from M. Kechinov. Ten beautifully decorated volumes of selected anecdotes format CHM. For those who have nothing to do at work...
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