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3D-model of YaMZ-534

The solid model in SolidWorks format
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3D модель "розы" в формате .blend Фейсов 128.000 Можно убрать Subdivide и использовать как Low-Poly модель. Материалы в комплекте. Размер архива...
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Sink Santek Pilot with mixer Grohe

Модель 3ds max 8, текстурирована (текстуры прилагаются). Материалы Vray Ширина600 мм Глубина500 мм Высота150 мм Вертексы136969 Полигоны249724
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Material vray "Ice Cream"

Realistic models of ice cream material. 102.28 KB
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A cup of coffee

Чашка с кофе и с чайной ложкой "Vitesse" на блюдце Vray материалы Высокое качество Вертексы: 17016 Полигоны: 22658 Архив содержит: 1) модель в...
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3d srednevikovy warrior

Model format * .obj with textures!
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Frame for drawing A1 (horizontal)

A1 drawing frame (horizontal) in .dwg format
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Frame for drawing A3 (horizontal)

Frame for drawing A3 (horizontal) format .dwg
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Frame for drawing A4 (vertical)

Frame for drawing A4 (vertical) format .dwg
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Frame for drawing A4 (horizontal)

Frame for drawing A4 (horizontal) format .dwg
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The relief emblem of the USSR blazon

The relief emblem of the USSR for cutting CNC machine or application as a height map in different programs for 3D modeling. Format tif. When model dimensions...

The coupling coil (3D model)

3D model of helical couplings made in KOMPAS-3D V12. Dimensions: shaft diameter 10 mm, outer diameter 25 mm, length 31 mm. The archive of submission: ...
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The stepper motor from the matrix printer (3d model)

3D model of the stepper motor on the matrix printer designed in KOMPAS-3D V12.
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Peacock 3D Model

Vysokopoligonalnye model peacock. Configured for animation (bones and skin). FBX Format
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Рамка для чертежа А2 (формат ODG + шрифты ГОСТ ЕСКД)

Frame format OpenDocument Graphic (odg) to work in the program OpenOffice Draw or LibreOffice Draw. The kit also attached fonts GOST ESKD type A and B.
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Draft corner cabinet with two doors.

Ready project of a corner cabinet, dimensions - 2300(H)x1000(W)x1000(D). Swing doors. Chipboard - 16mm.
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The project is a double bed. Width 1600mm mattress.

The finished project a double bed, mattress size 1600h2000mm. Wide back. Two bedside tables.
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Hummer H3

3D model of the car Hummer H3 3dsMax 2009 (MentalRay) Materials
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Ladder 011 (catalog 3D-Lessons for SolidWorks)

Overall dimensions: H = 3337, 3908h3778 Short description: U-shaped staircase to "hanging pole." Frame wooden stairs. The design of the frame...
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Door unit 015 (catalog 3D-Lessons for SolidWorks)

Overall dimensions: 2036h856h120 (parametric) Short description: Door unit with parametric equations: block height, block width, depth of the unit. If you...
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The framework for drawings

When the design sketches, drawings and diagrams necessary to comply with all the rules and requirements set by the standards ESKD. In this collection you will...
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Chair (3d fbx)

A chair for a long time he drew a) That unpretentious modelc without texture looks good on mobile devices in the games
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