Criminal Law

Работа на тему: Неправомерный доступ к компьютерной информации (ст. 273 УК РФ)

автор: Богомолов Максим Владимирович «Уголовная ответственность за неправомерный доступ к охраняемой законом компьютерной информации» в работу включены...
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Term of criminal law. Subject complicity in the crime

Курсовая по Уголовному праву России. Тема: Соучастие в преступлении. 55 листов. Сдавалась на отлично

A brief tutorial etc. Penal Law (General). It can easily be used as shporgalki

Краткий учебник пр Уголовному праву (общая часть). Легко может быть использован в качестве шпоргалки на экзаменах, т.к. в нём дано только самое основное.

The diploma in law (see the theme of work in the description)

Thesis on the topic: "Identification and disclosure of crimes committed with the use of computer technology" Work has been protected as...
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The answers to the exam under the Criminal Procedural rights

Crib to criminal proceedings. There are answers to 82 questions on the subject.
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The answers to the exam on criminal law

Full answers to 50 tickets on criminal law of the Russian Federation.
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The course of the criminal law

The course of the criminal law. (Format Word) The course of the criminal law. Volume 1. General. The doctrine of crime (ed. Doctor of Law, Professor...

The layout of the criminal case on the fact of robbery

Inventory of the criminal case on the fact of robbery (part 2 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code) 1 Decision to open a criminal case and taking it to...
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The layout of the criminal case on the fact of robbery

1. Decision to open a criminal case and taking it to the production 2. report the discovery of evidence of a crime 3. The protocol inspection of the scene...
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Statements about the criminal case for reconciliation

Two applications in one file on the termination of criminal proceedings for the reconciliation of the parties - the accused and of the defendant. Applications...
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Judicial protection of media rights

Course NSAU in 2016. Introduction. 3 Section 1. The concept and role of mass media in society 5 1.1. Concept and types of media 5 1.2 Types of media 7 1.3. The...
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Praktikum po kvalifikazii prestulenij

1. The main significance of the qualification for the object of the crime 2. The act of committing a crime with causing harm to an additional object should be...
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Prosecutor´s supervision (Test) IMEI

The answers to the test on the subject "Prosecutor´s supervision» Task 1-18 ( in each task 5 questions) 0


DIPLOMA WORK "CONCEPT OF EXPLOSION AND ITS CRIMINAL-LEGAL CHARACTERISTICS" The work contains 68 pages: The list of accepted abbreviations...
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Lawyer in civil proceedings

Lawyer in civil proceedings Introduction 1. The history of the formation and development of the bar of the Russian Federation 2. Value concepts...
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Problems of qualification of crimes against the individ

The training manual examines the crimes against the person provided for by the Special Part of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, reveals historical...
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ORM tasks

1.In the course of the ORM, the operatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB of Russia in one of the apartments of a multi-storey building found...
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