Administrative Law

How to avoid problems with the police

A true rarity! Buy, do not regret the book "How to avoid problems with the police." Her focus - instruction for young people based on the advice of...
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Tips lawyer how to deal with the cops during arrest

Come, citizen, or how to survive contact with the police? (Bar Council) If a man never in his life did not break and did not commit, the more difficult it to...
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Proper communication with the employee of traffic police

Your rights on the road, behave properly with employees of traffic police!
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Diseases which are not taken into the army

This product contains: (comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the fall of 2011): List for diseases in which a person is recognized as unfit...
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Заявление в суд на приост. исп. пр-ва

Заявление в суд на приостановление исполнительного производства в связи со смертью должника (образец)
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How to stay with the driver´s license

This book will tell you how to behave in the following situations: 1. When you stop the car traffic police inspector; 2. When removal from the vehicle control;...
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Participate in the resettlement program in Russia

Current application form for participation in the State program to assist the voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad...

The practice of administrative proceedings: st.28.6

The practice of administrative proceedings: Description: File format * .pdf - there you will find the answer and an example of law and / or jurisprudence on...
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Finished task of administrative law

At 18:00 a police inspectors Sidorkina an oral statement addressed c. Travkina, which reported that the playground unknown to play cards and drink alcohol...
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IMEI Coursework

"THE INSTITUTE OF WORLD ECONOMY AND INFORMATIZATION» Coursework Laws of logic in scientific research and problems of their use 0

IMEI Coursework

"THE INSTITUTE OF WORLD ECONOMY AND INFORMATIZATION» Coursework "Procedures for quotas and placement of state orders" 0

IMEI Coursework

"THE INSTITUTE OF WORLD ECONOMY AND INFORMATIZATION» Legal regulation of state (municipal) and corporate governance Coursework "Legal regulation and... 0

Actual problems of administrative law (IMEI)

READY ANSWER: Test tasks on discipline "Actual problems of administrative law". 0

Objections in the case of an administrative offense

Objections in the case of an administrative offense, responsibility for which is provided for by part 2 of article 12.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses...
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Application for land measurement

This statement allows you to contact the territorial agency of the Federal Registration Service for the measurement of disputed land. This type of dispute...
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Complaint against the decision on the case of adm. offe

The complaint against the decision of the magistrate to bring the person to administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Article 12.26 of the Code of...
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How to guaranteed to cancel the penalty from the camera

Detailed check-list "How to cancel a fine from the camera video recording violations of traffic violations, using the loophole in the law." Detailed...
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Judicial Administrative Law

"Judicial Administrative Law: Textbook for university students enrolled in the specialty" Jurisprudence " (Zelentsov A.B., Yastrebov O.A.)...
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Product for Lava!

Product for Lava
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Objections in a case concerning an administrative offen

The activities of various organizations are always associated with the risk of being brought to administrative responsibility. Thus, Article 19.29 of the Code...
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Complaint to the court not to pay a fine for the lawn

A link to a complaint filed with the court in order not to pay a fine for a lawn of 5,000 rubles for an individual or 300,000 rubles for a lawn for sole...
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