Civil Law

Civil law. Textbook. Part I (Edited Illarionova)

The textbook on civil law. Part 1. The team of authors of the Ural State Law Academy. Edited T.I.Illarionovoy.

Civil law. Textbook. Part I (Edited by Sergeyev)

The textbook on civil law group of authors from St. Petersburg under the editorship of AP Sergeyev Part I.

Русское гражданское право. Часть I. Д.И. Мейер

Классический учебник по русскому гражданскому праву известного цивилиста Д.И. Мейера. Серия "Классика российской цивилистики"

Set the finished model contracts and documents provided by the Civil Code

This kit consists of 80 documents of all kinds of activities envisaged by the civil legislation. It will be useful for people faced with the drafting of...
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Very high quality graduate work, performed all the requirements. Protected perfectly well in 2000 in Irkutsk. Format DOC WS WORD 2000 is fully prepared for the...

Visa to the United States Practical Guide How to get an entry permit, residence permit, citizenship

Presented and commented on the official forms to fill out. The book is aimed at people interested in entering the US who want to understand the requirements...
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The task of civil law

Task 7: What kind of preparatory actions should make the judge after the commencement of the following civil cases: a) the claim Snegirev for damages in...
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Claim letter on the return of the debt on receipt

Claim letter on the return of the debt on the receipt. Composed of a professional lawyer. Text format, ready for editing.
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The statement of claim for the return of the debt on re

The statement of claim for the return of the debt on the receipt. Composed of a professional lawyer. The structure of the action used by the winning cause.
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The complaint against the court decision in a civil cas

Form - a sample of the appeal court´s decision in a civil case. The file in * .doc format that you can edit.
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Intellectual Property Rights Option 2

1. The concept of novelty of the invention in the patent law. The concept of the prior art. Rules determining the novelty of an invention. 2. Civil protection...
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Civil law practical work

Objective 1 In his will, drawn up Untovym, Kirsanov was named ispolni¬telem will. The property was transferred Untova three heirs, and all crystalware and...
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Civil law 352 TEST questions with answers

Question No. 1 The holder according to the requirements of the user as manufacturer of products (goods) holder, A) not responding B) respond in full C) jointly...
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Statement of claim of deprivation of parental rights

The statement of claim for the deprivation of parental rights. Composed by a professional lawyer. Does not contain empty graphs. Ready to edit.
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terms in civil law

Essay on civil law on the topic: Dates in civil law
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Cancellation application

A court order is issued for a certain number of claims listed in the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, in particular. on credit (microfinance)...
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Complaint of a bailiff

As practice shows, court bailiffs allow red tape in the framework of excited enforcement proceedings, expressed in the untimely application of enforcement...
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Complaint to Rospotrebnadzor

he specified complaint was prepared by the regional Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being in...
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The application for enforcement proceedings

This statement is necessary to initiate enforcement proceedings in the Federal Bailiff Service on the basis of a court decision and a issued writ of execution...
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Civil Procedure Answers (Synergy Tests)

Answers Civil Procedure. Synergy tests. Score 100 points. Collected base of answers All questions are indicated in the pictures. After purchase, you will...
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Application for the appointment of a forensic examinati

A petition for the appointment of a forensic examination to determine the suitability of the damage to the circumstances of the accident and the cost of...
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