Operating Systems


If you want to be a master doca then read good luck :) That thing is very useful for students or those who when it is faced with DOS'om. Actuator to...
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Path to LINUX

Installation and configuration 32-bit operating system
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The complete collection of descriptions of BIOS options Setupa

BIOS Setup 1.1 The complete collection of descriptions of BIOS options Setup'a collected from different sources. The collection is designed as a CHM-file...
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Guidelines for use of the Windows registry

Guidelines for use of the Windows registry
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All of FreeBSD (Meeting Tables v.1.2)

Deepening in FreeBSD 1) Introduction to FreeBSD - The advantages of FreeBSD - What can you do with FreeBSD? - FreeBSD - not just for servers - A Brief...
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Операционная система UNIX

Большой справочник (Книга) по ОС Unix. Хорошо излагается, понятно. Чистый текст HTML. Распространяется на аудиторию как новичков, так и опытных пользователей...
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All of LINUX (2 books)

Introduction to LINUX 1.1 About This Book 1.2 A Brief History of Linux 1.3 System Features 1.4 Software Features 1.4.1 Basic commands and utilities 1.4.2...
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MS-DOS commands

Team MS-DOS. List of DOS commands, their purpose and a detailed description.
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FAQ for Microsoft Windows Vista

Collection of frequently asked questions about Windows Vista
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Registry Tweaks

Collection of registry tweaks
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Windows Vista and Windows XP on the same computer

The book describes how to put on a single hard drive 2 System: Vista and XP. 1. Objective: To establish on a hard disk Windows Vista with Windows XP. Vista...
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Optimization and acceleration of the performance of your PC

This book allows you to reach the maximum speed of the computer and really irreplaceable thing for every PC user
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Acceleration Windows Xp their own hands! (See description)

Из вашего компьютера валит дым? Вам надоело тратить свое драгоценное время на долгое открываение папок, игр, программ? У вас виснут игры? Могу вам обещать, что...
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The Ultimate Encyclopedia PC

Pdf format Description OS Windows, like utanovit, nastroiti work as a job description for the rehabilitation and more.
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Linux command line. The complete guide

This book provides an extensive overview of Linux command line life. Unlike other books on a single program, such as the bash shell, this book will try to...
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200 Microsoft Excel tricks - a collection from internet

This collection consists of 201 tricks, each of which is a real discovery for Excel users. These are laconic in content, but meaningful in meaning, techniques...
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Game Accounts