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Book on the MySQL and mSQL

A very good book on SQL databases. Describes how to create a database. Syntax MySQL and mSQL (the most common at the moment the database). Working with...
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Tools Delphi to develop database applications

This manual contains information on the development of database applications in the IDE Delphi. In this paper the utility (BDE Administrator, Database Desktop)...
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Oracle 10g. Handbook Database Administrator

Это уникальное руководство издательства Oracle Press поможет вам поддерживать высокопроизводительную корпоративную базу данных Oracle. Книга научит вас...
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Archive version 1.4 of my articles

Description archive This single archive contains all of my articles and materials in extended, ever published on the site (pdf format): Oracle...
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Working schemes for earnings on the Internet

Working scheme for earnings on the Internet decent money with or without investments,with step by step instructions and specific instructions for action(only...
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Oracle.12 & Centos.7 installation instruction

Oracle.12 & Centos.7 installation instruction
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Build Database Applications in Visual Studio

The tutorial provides theoretical and practical material on the basics of developing database applications in the Visual Studio 2019 integrated programming...
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Comparison of SQL Database and NOSQL

This article explores the differences between NoSQL and SQL databases. They start with a brief description of the databases and then the various pros and cons...
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List of children´s music schools and children´s art sch

Dear friends! We offer you a list of music schools and art schools in Russia. Of course, it may not be completely exhaustive, but most of the schools are...
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