Collected Works G.Lavkraft (Part 1) 77 works + BONUS (biography, bibliography)

The most complete collection of works of King horror genre in the available for PDAs and phones format * .txt!
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G.Lavkraft Collected Works (part 2) 25 + bonus works (selection of drawings to works)

The most complete collection of works of King horror genre in the available for PDAs and phones format * .txt!
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I would die or night in a million

"I would die or night in a million" - not a fictional story that can really change your outlook on life and acting in her power. In writing this book...
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Twilight Sunset eternity (fanfic)

Alternative continuation of the saga of the same name, written by one of the fans of the book.
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Mark Yudalevich. Blue Lady.

Tale of the famous writer Mark Altai Yudalevicha devoted to the history of the Blue Lady - a mysterious woman who lived in the nineteenth century, the ghost is...
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Ezoterichka, yesterday or tomorrow comes

This story is based on his own experience of lucid dreaming author. In an accessible form describes the relationship artificially constructed world in a dream...
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Shovkunenko Oleg and one day THREE

Mystery and horror. File 1.5 MB Formats FB2, PDF, TXT The incredible story of Russian sailor Alexei Glebov. Yet nobody has been able to do what he did - and...
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Pure gold / Simon Gogol

This mystical story with a complex plot of the dip you into the world of horror. Beautiful and light scenes describing the actions to swallow you headlong into...
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Vampire Academy 6: The Last Victim

Роман Райчел Мид «Академия вампиров 6: Последняя жертва» (Last Sacrifice) - еще одна литературная «приманка» для тех, кто уходит от проблем реального мира с...
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Tatyana Vasilyeva. Twilight cruise.

Imperceptibly, it was lunchtime. Alice decided to spend the remaining fifteen minutes in the open air and went on deck. Passengers crowded on the quay, among...
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Air ordeal

Life after death Paradoxical, doesn´t it? Probably, every person at least once dreamed to look at least one glimpse behind the scenes of this large...
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When the black rain will fall

This unusual, terrible story is hidden for centuries; like an old moss-covered stone in the forest. The bitter past of the people is not so easy to forget and...
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The road to the magician

The second book, When Black Rain Will Spill, is a continuation of a mystical story about the world of sorcerers.
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Zinaida The story is mystic. 18 .

Rain. And the girl in the wet through dress. Yes, any driver But rain again. And the girl in the wet through - Zinaida! The same intersection and this wet...
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Loshara The story is mystic. 18+.

Victor-Sonia-Zoya! Victor-Vic-Zoya Velda! Love triangle. Eternal, even after death. "Summer came unexpectedly, as always. There was no catastrophe;...
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Fate The story is mystic. 18+.

Vlad in Malta saw the “Road of suicides”, where a Russian businessman dies a strange death. Extremely interested in this case, Vlad finds a travel company...
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Konstantin Karpov. Behind death (russian lng)

The work is written in the genre of mysticism with a psychological bias. You have to plunge into the gloomy atmosphere of the mysterious place in which the...
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night movie

ometimes just watching a movie before going to bed can become part of a terrible story ..
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Four friends (three + one) go to the cinema at the Novatel entertainment center. Someone invisible comes with them, but don’t have to worry, because everything...
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The goal of every soul is knowledge. She goes up and down the ladder of perfection just to gain knowledge. Incarnating on earth, the crystal of knowledge...
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While restoring an old sideboard, a young married couple found a cache where a small book was hidden. Its pages are not intended for reading, but in order to...

Silver saucer.

To dilute the village boredom and monotony, father and daughter took a walk with a metal detector. Once they were lucky enough to find a real silver saucer, on...

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