Russian and Soviet military awards

Order of Lenin State Historical Museum is one of the the world's largest repositories of historical relics. Its funds collected more than four million...
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Sub-machine guns - Illustrated Guide

The book presents an analysis of the different designs and patterns pistoletov- guns century - the most common and popular weapon infantry, special forces...
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Firearms Guide - Beretta 92F 9mm Pistol

Firearms Guide - Beretta 92F 9mm Pistol Firearms -! - Manual - Beretta 92F 9Mm Pistol English 70 p. PDF Classic Books!
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Sig Sauer pistol Complete Guide

Sig Sauer pistol Complete Guide
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Pistol Walther P-99 Manual

Пистолет Walther P-99 Руководство Vintage Ruffled Doilies Book PDF The Safety Systems To Fire this Gun, Pull the Trigger! There is no manual...
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Automatic Kaklashnikova AK-47

Automatic Kaklashnikova AK-47 Technical Specifications 5.45h39mm 5N7 ammunition for the AK-74. Caliber 5.45x39 mm Length 933 mm (AKS-74 with folded butt...
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Small arms

Personal weapons - the most important thing in a soldier's outfit. In the twentieth century occurred value any significant changes in the design...
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James Smyth Wallace "Chemical Analysis of Firearms"

Firearms and their associated ammunition, spent bullets, and spent cartridge cases provide useful information for identifying suspects, terrorist groups, and...
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