Crypto Pro 5.0 - (Perpetual license 5.0.12998)

Crypto PRO CSP 5.0 license is perpetual ✅Unlimited validity! ✅Crypto Pro CSP 5.0 with perpetual license. ✅ PRODUCT KEY TYPE: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX...
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Crypto Pro 4.0 with perpetual license CryptoPro

After payment you will instantly receive a license activation key Crypto Pro 4.0 The product is issued in the format of a 25-digit code, which looks like this...
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CryptoPro CSP 5.0 Unlimited

✅ License issued by: CRYPTO-PRO LLC ✅ License validity period: Unlimited ✅ Scope of application: Without limitation ✅ License for the right to use on one...
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Power OFF

Эта программа для отключения компьютера в установленное время пользователем
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Drivers for modem Acorp EUS56 to win 2000 / NT / XP

Дравера к модему, полность совместимый с опрерацыонными системами win 2000/NT/XP.

Easy template for an envelope CD (Microsoft Word) + BONUS. Compact, fast, convenient

Practice has shown that the number of CDs in the several hundreds, store them in a standard plastic box is very uncomfortable, and they occupy a decent place...
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Convenient pattern envelope for CD (Corel Draw) + BONUS. Convenient, compact, fast

Practice has shown that the number of CDs in the several hundreds, store them in a standard plastic box is very uncomfortable, and they occupy a decent place...
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Easy telephone directory with the search function. It is written in VB.
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Optimizing Windows XP

practical and actionable tips to improve performance Windows XP.
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You know the situation when you do not want your writing to anyone read? For example, personal letters, diaries, passwords, important documents .Mne...
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Каналы TV Beholder

Настройки TV и FM каналов для тюнеров Beholder для кабельной сети ТВК по Курской области
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Archiver supports rare formats like BZIP2, TGZ Much better compresses text data than WinRAR.
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YouTube. The program for downloading videos from the portal

The program is a tool for downloading videos from YouTube and save it to your local kompyutere.V rollers can convert video to AVI or MP4 (compatible with IPod...
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The unique sound generator of any frequency, including ultra and infra sounds that affect the central nervous system. Supported by the imposition of some...
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Программы для КПК

Ненадо выкидывать свою флешку, восстановите её сами. Скачайте программку и она уже работает.
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program Perehvat

Программа ПерехватЪ предназначена для управления Вашим компьютером с помощью пульта дистанционного управления ТВ-тюнера.
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Создание небольшой базы данных со связанными файлами. Структура может содержать до 8 полей. Создание структуры, поиск и отображение данных в окне программы.
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Помощник игрока в БК

В программе имеется стратегия игры на ставках. Она поможет Вам правильно рассчитать ставки таким образом, чтобы Вы не были в проигрыше у букмекерской конторы...
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Eagle - Tails

Program Eagle - Tails replaces that throwing a coin for the adoption of any decision. The program has passed all tests with flying colors. Swing it will...
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"Table" version 3.7 Formation timesheets in organizations, structural divisions. Maintaining the personnel database data in the context of periods...
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Accounting for contracts 2.8 dated 24/03/2024

This program is designed for recording and analysis of contracts for small firms (organizations), individual entrepreneurs, whose activities is necessary to...
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Accounting for goods incapacitated citizens

The program to integrate the procurement of products (goods) is designed for social workers and specialists in sotsrabote working with incapacitated citizens...
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Game Accounts