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Metastock Bollinger Band System

Metastock Bollinger Band System
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Sometimes, in the manufacturing process it is necessary to bend the tube at an angle 90. If the pipe diameter 20 - 50 mm, then there is no problem, but if the...
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Anti Smog XP

The program reduces the level of electromagnetic smog on your system to a safe level. Stopped hurting eye fatigue reduced work at the monitor
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Program: Calculation gear, worm, chain and belt drives

Automated calculation of mechanical transmission. You only need to specify the initial settings
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The program of the strength calculation of wooden structures roof roofs.

The calculation of the strength of the rafters and sheathing of the specified section of the rod and your board. Easy to set all parameters - Load, spans...
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Microprocessor Emulator KR580VM80 (Z80)

Программа для изучения и программирования данного микропроцессора. Написание программ на мнемонике и ассемблере.
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Termo - teperatury measurement and control of heat. and coolant.

The program is designed to measure Termo teperatury and control heating and cooling network 1wire, consisting of temperature sensors DS18V20 (DS1820) and...
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The program of calculation of forces and means on fire

The program of calculation of forces and means on fire Calculation: Extinguishing and Water Protection Quenching and protection Foam
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Program. Antennas "Triple square".

The left part of the program allows you to receive UHF antenna size with standard channels analog television. It´s simple! Select the channel number...
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Program Calculate UZO Version 2.1

The program allows you to calculate the overcurrent protection device protection and the value of the RCD current set point in accordance with SAE p.7.1.83...
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Creating and using neural networks

The program for the creation and use of three-layer perceptrons with arbitrary and an equal number of inputs, outputs and neurons in each layer. To create a...
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7days key for the TOE Starter

7days key for the TOE program launcher
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Quickly generate Vibration series. Program.L. G. Puchko

An app to make Vibration on the computer for a multidimensional medicine is known of the author L. G. Puchko. Significantly speed up your work with people and...
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The program for the design of OPS - sPlan.OPS 2.0

We present to your attention a portable program for the design of video surveillance systems sPlan.CCTV 2.0. This program will greatly facilitate the creation...
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19-inch sPlan Element Library

The library was created for the sPlan program and is suitable for any version. All elements are created in vector format on a 1: 1 scale, elements for shelves...
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Estimated CORE XY All Inclusive. 3D printer SELF-ASSEMB

Hello. For personal USE! All rights reserved. The archive of the COREXY ALL INCLU folder contains: 1) Estimate + settings Marlin and mechanics in Excel format...
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Model of IR soldering station + software

Model of infrared soldering station from detailing, software. ATTENTION The model must be printed from plastic (ABS). You can use the bottom heaters: ceramic...
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2D Discrete Cosine Transform

The program allows you to explore the two-dimensional discrete cosine transform (DCT) of images for different values ​​of the quantization coefficients. It is...
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