The book is about how to get acquainted on the Internet

Author: Basil sign. The volume format: 70 pages, size A4. The purpose of the book: Tell even untrained reader which provide opportunities for singles dating...
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Language conversation

How to learn to understand the interlocutor How to convince a partner How to start a conversation How to politely decline the offer How to respond to...
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Course of Russian model of tantric sex.

- максимальная эрекция; - неограниченная продолжительность полового акта, возможность удовлетворить несколько партнёрш; - минимальное время восстановления...
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EXERCISES personal growth

Сделайте себе подарок — уединение4 стр
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The charm of femininity - book inspires women

"The charm of femininity" The book is inspiring female secrets that can save your marriage and enrich your life The phenomenal success of...
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Roses for you

This program is easy to use, it can be sent to his beloved man, opening the example program, an automatic Google Desktop - Desktop, will be added Roses, (get...
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Cool Sex

A selection of 14 fun articles about sex. Contents: Sex Questions and Answers 5 types of women to avoid 10 female tricks 10 men's tricks 40 reasons...
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Как говорить с кем угодно и о чём угодно

Восхищались ли вы когда-нибудь теми удачливыми людьми, которые, кажется, имеют все, о чем только можно мечтать? Вы видели, как уверенно они выступают на...
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Technicians hold seed

We consider different techniques hold the seed in men.
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Kaplan HS Sexual therapy. Illustrated Guide

Kaplan HS Sexual therapy. Illustrated Guide Per.s Eng. VL.Kraeva.- M .: The independent firm "Class", 1994.- 160 pp., Ill. On the book market is...
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Catalog compliments

Collection of hot compliments from which women's hearts beat in 2 times more often! In the catalog of 400 best compliments.
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Catalog of erotic compliments

Collection of erotic compliments, allowing fast transfer relationship with the girls in the horizontal plane! In the catalog 120 hot erotic compliments + Bonus!
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Catalogue of effective approaches for the first phrases of the girls

50 original proven super-phrases for successful dating girls in all situations and for all occasions!
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Product models and scenes with the girls for dating

Models, strategies and stories for successful dating girls how to approach a girl to meet, what to say when meeting a girl. + Models + sucking dialogue Bonus!
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Reasons of failures when meeting women and their treatment

A wonderful collection of the most common methods of treatment failures when meeting women. Say goodbye to her vulnerable to armor female bounce!
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10 magical keys, unlocking any failure

10 simple and effective methods of transformation of women's "no" to "yes."
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Rules of the game

Как познакомиться и соблазнить любую девушку в любой ситуации Как избавиться от страхов подхода и общения с противоположным полом Как, наконец, стать «тем...
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erotic stories

erotic stories! in a Word! exciting erotic journey, look into the sexual lives of others.
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The Rules of Attraction - you AS in this case

Sex - is a luxury, which is available even to the poor; that is one of the greatest pleasures that can be obtained for free. But there is no limit to...
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March 8. How to please your loved ones? (Book)

The contents of this book - valuable tips for men groom suitors and lovers, based on twenty years of experience of family life of the author, as well as close...
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Diehl Yenikeyeva Sex Sex Sex

Sex, sex, sex! - This book will change your life - and will open doors for you in the wonderful world of sexual harmony! Follow the advice of Dili Enikeeva...
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Database of the best free sites "for adults" (18+)

A huge database of best porn sites the World Wide Web. Are you lonely? Virginity? I can not wait to know everything about the "this"? Then you came...
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