The simplest encryption algorithm for C ++ Builder 6

A simple encryption algorithm using a string operation XOR. It is written on C ++ Builder 6.
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The program for plotting functions parabolas, straight, module parabola and a sine wave.
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Right triangle calculator

The program to calculate all the parameters of a right triangle for a given two: 2 cathetus, or cathetus and hypotenuse, or angle and hypotenuse, or cathetus...
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Regre 2.75

Программа "Regre" была создана для облегчения и автоматизации проведения множественного корреляционно-регрессионного анализа. Для выполнения этих...
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The calculation of pi Monte Carlo

The calculation of pi Monte Carlo, just a program on C ++ Builder 6.
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DASS - full Russian version 2.3

Program DASS, automates the mathematical theory of the importance of the criteria developed by prof. Podinovskii VV After payment, the buyer receives a web...
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SLAE by Gauss, 8 different programs, source code, description, theory

Solving systems of linear algebraic equations (Slough) by Gauss The package includes 8 programs such as: -solutions SLAE by Gauss -Search Inverse matrix by...
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The program for solving integer, netselochisl

The program is designed to solve the problems of integer, mixed-integer and noninteger programming. The program provides the following methods: 1. M-Method...
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HomeoReader: subscription to December 2010

The key is to subscribe to the materials and functions of the program HomeoReader (December 2010)
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The source matrix calculator on Delphi

The source code is a matrix calculator to Delphi: Various filling matrix operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, transposition, calculate the...
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IBM SPSS Statistics 24 is a handy statistical analysis package with practical usage in various different fields. It provides advanced data management tools...
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Deploy Solution Slough (3)

A detailed solution of problems - will only copy or move! SLE solving methods -Gaussa; -Kramera; an inverse matrix. Compatible notation x1, x2, x3 and x, and, z
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28 version of the IDZ 18.2 Ryabushko A.P. decision

If your file does not open, install the RAR archiver. Inside the archive you will find a solution in Word format.
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Microcal Origin v.6.10.52 maths

Microcal Origin V. 6.10.52 Mathematical package for calculations and analysis complex data. Many formats are supported data (import), including bitmaps...
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