Online Store on the scripting with php imtortom from excel

The script will help you to organize a simple online store with shipping order EMail. Prices of imported Excel-file template If...
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Payment module for osCommerce - Roboxchange (WebMoney, E

Do you know what percentage of refusal to purchase only from the lack of the necessary electronic currency a potential buyer? Better not to know! Read about...
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NEW SCRIPTS Shop with instant delivery WMSHOP 6.0

Это прорыв в сфере электронной коммерции. Скрипты wmshop 5 отдыхают, по сравнению с этим магазином. Торговая площадка писалась в большей степени для того чтоб...
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The mechanism of automatic payment via WebMoney Click a

Creating a mechanism for instant purchase WebMoney Merchant Click and Buy at PHP + examples. Electronic paper, with examples in PHP. In your PHP - examples...
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WMshop 8.7 - Brand New Store + Casino + exchanger

Отличительные особенности скрипта: Поддержка 4 () систем оплаты: - RoboxСhange - WM-Merchant - WMClick&buy - RuPay (в доработке)Не нужен персональный аттестат...
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Agentsky shop trading platform

Agency shop trading platform Mirror shop Plati.tu. Requirements: Paid host that supports PHP. The free hardly work.
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Newest agenstky store

Newest agentstky store Full admin panel, you put up and running, the opportunity to put your design
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Payment module for osCommerce - Roboxchange (WebMoney, E

Payment module for osCommerce - Roboxchange (WebMoney, E-gold, Yandex, MoneyMail, RuPay, etc.).
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Agency shop

Agency shop
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vetalich_shop_v2.1 - electronic shop in Russian, still working, take it, you will not regret
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php script to auto-complete forms imposed by the board

php script autofill forms for COD. The archive all three form postal forms required for COD format MSWord, php script generates three of them completed form...
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wmshop 13

wmshop 13 Новая версия Интернет-магазина цифровых товаров.
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AGENCY SHOP PartnerHotCD 10.4 + Dictionary 1757 words

NEW VERSION of August 14, 2008! Agency Shop Partner HotCD V10.4 - script allows to organize the site - an exact copy of HotCD (but with a different design and...
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WM Shop v13

Всем известный магазин с мгновеной доставкой
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Online Shop

Complete online store written in PHP using text files to store information. Story script: Version 2.0 general script, unlike the first version changed...
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Virtual php Shop

Description: Virtual php online store with the domain administrator, where you can record still images, edit items and view orders. The shop consists of X...
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German online store.

Features: - Web interface; - Search; - SSL; - Interface for payments; - Unlimited number of categories and subcategories; - Product image (jpg, png, gif)...
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Converter for VirtueMart

The module multi - unlimited number of currencies. It works correctly when installing any currency as the base currency of the store. Exchange rates are set...
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This is a complete online store

Возможности скрипта: -Добавление товаров. -Редактирование товаров. -Удаление товаров. -ЛОГ-файл заказов. -Создание резервной копии товаров. -Восстановление...
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WmShop 6.0 SCRIPT store with Instant purchase

WmShop 6.0 NEW SCRIPTS Shop with instant (such Neuquen yet) (a screenshot) This is a breakthrough in the field of e-commerce. Scripts wmshop 5 rest, compared...
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Payment webmoney in virtuemart (decision)

Resolves an issue in coding virtuemart merchant by webmoney. Now, explanation will be displayed correctly. Everyone knows that joomla uses UTF-8 encoding of a...
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